Property crimes are categorized by the dollar value of the loss sustained by the victim.  Generally, thefts where the loss amounts to more than $1000 are considered felonies, whereas losses of $1000 or less are considered misdemeanors.  Investigators follow up on cases based on priority and severity.
Modern technology has significantly impacted the types of property crimes typically reported.  Identity theft, for example, is a high tech crime to which specially trained investigators are assigned.
The Crimes against Persons includes the investigations of homicide, felony assault, kidnapping, rape, sex crimes, child abuse, missing persons and gang-related crimes.
The mission of the Detective Division is to provide the effective investigation of crimes while apprehending criminals, assisting crime victims and protecting the community.  Members of the Detective Division are responsible for investigating homicides, felonious assaults, child abuse, sexual assaults, gang crimes, kidnapping, missing persons, hate crimes as well as threats and weapons violations.  The division also tracks habitual sexual offenders.