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The City of Sulphur, Louisiana

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The Sulphur Police Department's Patrol division is made up of 4 shifts of highly trained Officers that maintain a constant Patrol of the City limits of Sulphur 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Officers receive training in numerous areas such as:
  • Emergency Vehicle Operation
  • Weapons - Day & Night
  • Arrest Techniques
  • Building Searches
  • Legal Updates
  • Less Lethal Force Options
  • Empty Hand Defensive Tactics
  • Baton Training
  • Crime Scene Processing / Integrity
  • Narcotics Recognition
  • Search, Seizure, and many other areas of law enforcement
In a given week Officers may be called upon to utilize any or all of these trained topics.
The task of protecting the citizens of Sulphur can be difficult at times, but
it is a task our Officers take great pride in accomplishing.