Police Training Officers
Our Police Training Officers have held a wide variety of assignments in both Special Services Teams and Collateral Duty Specialized Service Units, which assists them in providing a broad perspective on the opportunities available to new employees in the department.
Officer Training
The officer of the Sulphur Police Department go through monthly training to maintain their needed skills for good job performance.  Re-certifications (Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Baton, Less Lethal), Building Searches, Domestic Violence, Active Shooter, legal Updates, Etc.)
The Sulphur Police Department Firearms Instructors are police officers who are specially trained to instruct police personnel how to use their firearms safely and effectively within the course of their duties.  The instructors provide training to the officers on a quarterly basis and require them to maintain qualifying standards in proficiency.  Using various instruction techniques, the Firearms Instructors train the officers to utilize their weapons effectively under varying circumstances.
Driving School
To be a police officer, you are required to drive a patrol vehicle, 8 to 12 hours per day, through the worst conditions possible, through rain, fog, sleet, sometimes even snow at high speeds, through tight squeezes, and on dark stormy nights.  Add the distraction of the radio, utilizing spotlights, or trying to locate a suspect lurking in the shadows, and you've got a recipe for disaster.
The Sulphur Police Department's Driver Instructors are specially trained in Defensive Driving Skills and provide training to all employees who drive a vehicle in the course of their duties.  The training consists of three 8 hour training days with instruction performed both in the classroom and at a a driving facility.