The Sulphur Police Department is partnering with residents and businesses to help solve crime and keep our community safe.  In an effort to increase our ability to investigate criminal activity more efficiently and effectively, the Sulphur Police Department is asking those residents and businesses with security cameras to voluntarily register them with the Police Department.  This will enable the Police Department to respond quickly to the location of the cameras and work with the owner to possibly recover evidence of a crime or the identity of a possible suspect.   This program is completely voluntary and the information will be utilized for Police purposes only. 

If registered, you would only be contacted by an officer if there is criminal activity in the vicinity of your camera.  If necessary, police personnel may request a copy of video captured by your camera to assist in the investigation.  The assistance you provide is still voluntary, and you can opt to unregister your camera system at any time.

Register Residential\Business Security Camera System