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Name Title Department Email Telephone
Abrahams, Austin Public Works Director Public Works 337-527-4500
Abshire, Joy City Council District #4 City Council 337-263-7146
Beard, John Officer Recruitment - Employment 337-965-5695
Benoit, Stephanie City Hall Receptionist Mayor 337-527-4500
Blanchard, Arlene City Council Secretary City Council 337-527-4571
Bonin, Lacie Administrative Assistant Mayor 337-527-4500
Burnett, Daniel Research and Statistical Analysis Officer Fire Department 337-313-1205
Bynum, Chad Wastewater Plant Supervisor Public Works 337-527-4584
Cholley, Mark Water Plant Supervisor Public Works 337-527-4500
CITY COURT CITY COURT City Court   337-527-7006
Danahay, Mike Mayor Mayor 337-527-4500
Ellender, Dru City Council District #1 City Council 337-309-6535
Fontenot, Joy City Prosecutor Assistant City Prosecutor 337-528-9438
Griffiths, Sarah Public Relations & Marketing Mayor 337-313-1302
Guillotte, Larry Assistant Chief Police 337-527-4550
Hardy, Melinda City Council District #3 City Council 337-244-6382
Hebert, Lee Ann Secretary to the Fire Chief Fire Department 337-527-4545
Hebert, Lee Ann Sulphur Municipal Civil Service Secretary Sulphur Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board 337-888-5352
Johnson, Nick Sergeant Recruitment - Employment 337-563-1122
Jones, Jerry Chief Building Inspector Inspections & Permits 337-527-2050
Loftin, Billy City Prosecutor City Prosecutor 337-528-9438
Manuel, Kevin B Fire Training Officer Fire Department 337-527-4535
Naquin, John Fire Chief Fire Department 337-527-4549
Nezat, Nicholas City Council District #2 City Council 337-607-5707
Powell, AJ Sergeant Recruitment - Employment 337-287-0637
Staff 1-25 of 35