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How do I obtain my Article 894?
When in court, you were sentenced under Article 894, you must complete your probation successfully and then apply to the court for your aquittal. A DWI under Article 894, Misdemeanor under Article 894, or Traffic Charge under Article 894 form will be given to you at the time of your sentencing. You must complete your probation and bring the listed items to the court as per the instructions.
Am I allowed to do defensive driving for a traffic ticket?
You must speak with the prosecutor on your ticket.
Who do I speak with if I wish to discuss my ticket?
If you received a traffic violation from the Sulphur City Police (your copy has the court address stamped in red on the upper left hand corner of the ticket), and wish to discuss your ticket, you may call the City Prosecutor or the City Prosecutor's Assistant at 337-528-9438. If you received a traffic violation from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office or the Louisiana State Poilice and wish to discuss your ticket, you may call the State Prosecutor at 337-527-7006 or 337-437-3400, or the State Prosecutor's Assistant at 337-437-3426.
Does my pet need a yearly rabies vaccination?
Yes, all dogs and cats are required by state law to be vaccinated for rabies yearly. Rabies tag must be attached to collar of animal.
What do I do if I am bitten by a dog or cat?
Seek medical attention as soon as possible, if the bite and or scratch breaks the skin (bleeds) Animal Control should be notified by calling 527-4577 or the Sulphur Police Department at 527-4550.
What do I do about stray/feral cats on my property?
The City of Sulphur has a containment law concerning free roaming animals, cats are no exception. You may call our department Monday-Friday to obtain a humane box trap (trapping procedures apply) you may also purchase your own trap at most hardware, feed store or on-line under Humane box traps.
I found a baby bird/wildlife what do I do?
According to the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife; all wildlife is better left alone.
Are there any laws against feeding wildlife; such as raccoons and squirrels?
Currently there are no laws pertaining to the feeding of wildlife in Sulphur, however please bear in mind that wildlife such as raccoons carry a wide variety of diseases. Once you begin feeding these types of animals they will soon become a nuisance to you and your neighbors. Tips for keeping stray cats and other wildlife from becoming a nuisance: * Do not throw leftovers outside. * Use Bungee Cords to tie down your trashcans. * Pick up any leftovers after your pets finish eating. * Close up any holes that lead to your home or attic. * See "nuisance wildlife" links at bottom of page.
Can I sell animals on the side of the road or from a store parking lot in Sulphur?
Yes, you can if you have permission from the store and you must also obtain a peddlers license from the City of Sulphur. Call 527-4517 for more details.
Is there a program to have my pet spayed or neutered at a reduced cost?
Calcasieu Parish Animal Services has a program for reduced spay and neuter's for qualified applicants. Call 337-721-3730 to see if you qualify and for more information.
Will my pets be adopted if I surrender them to animal control?
We try to place the right companion animal with the right new owner, however, we can never quarantee that all stray or surrendered animals are placed in good homes. We do work with various "Breed Rescue Groups" that work endlessly to foster and locate "Forever" homes for a wide range of dogs and cats.
Where do I go for Birth Certificates, Birth Cards, & Death Certificates.
Birth/Death Certificates are handled by the CALCASIEU PARISH CLERK OF COURT and can only be obtained at the West Calcasieu Office located in Sulphur, LA.
Results 1-12 of 12