City of Sulphur, Louisiana Featured on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw

Beautiful cities in the United States are one of the many features on Today in America TV with Terry Bradshaw. One such hidden beauty is Sulphur, Louisiana, is a southern charm and the educational show is pleased to bring its best aspects to light in its Discover America series. Many Americans find this the ideal place to raise a family or have a business. The informative show offers airs the best in American cities and town and of a variety of topics to entertain the viewer.

Host Terry Bradshaw is a former Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl winning quarterback. His fame started in the City Of Steel and continues today as one of the co-hosts on an Emmy-winning pregame show. The charismatic tall sports celebrity is also a best-selling author, singer/songwriter, talk show guest and popular motivational speaker.

Today in America with Terry Bradshaw covers a variety of topics geared toward educated professionals. It explores the many aspects of their lives from business to personal. The engaging show films throughout the United States and Canada, and airs on cable television networks in regional and national media markets. It is a winner of numerous awards and honors.