Animal Control - Pet Responsibilities

The City of Sulphur Animal Control encourages people to have a companion animal; pets are a lot of fun, but with owning a pet comes a lot of responsibilities.
Being a responsible pet owner starts with making sure your pet does not become a nuisance to your neighborhood. The City has several ordinances that govern animals. Dogs and cats must not be allowed to roam at will in the city. Any animal not restrained on owner's property is considered "at large". For a complete list of the City Ordinances click here.  If you have any questions about the City Ordinances, call our office.
Sulphur impounds dozens of stray dogs and cats per week, if your pet is missing please call and let us know, we may have picked it up in the city. There is a $50.00 impound fee plus $5.00 per day boarding fee to pay when you reclaim your pet.  There is also a fee to pay if your pets' rabies vaccination is not up to date.