The City of Sulphur, Louisiana

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September 21st, 2018






Sulphur Fire Department will test and inspect the City’s fire hydrants throughout the month of October.


Residents may notice discolored tap water as fire department personnel flush the City’s fire hydrants. This annual testing is essential to maintain the Fire Department Class 2 fire rating and to ensure that hydrants are operating efficiently for fire protection purposes. Along with maintaining the fire rating, the testing monitors the health of the City’s water system, identifies weak areas in the system, stirs up materials that settle in the hydrant, and cleans out the lines.


If you notice discoloration in your water, it is not cause for concern. Residents are encouraged to run water until it is clear before washing clothes or drinking. In most instances, the water will clear in approximately five minutes. If the discoloration persists, residents should wait an hour and try again.



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