The City of Sulphur, Louisiana

Faith - Family - Community

Faith, Family, Community
(Our Inspiration, the framework for Sulphur's strategic planning. Our "Vision" answers the question, "Where do we want to go?")
Creating this vision provided an exciting opportunity for citizens to come together, take a practical look at the area, and work cooperatively to articulate and describe a desired future.  Through an 11-month series of community-wide participatory workshops, residents developed a shared vision that can serve as a guide for elected officials, commissions, boards and organizations in this City for years to come.
Contained herein is a Vision for the City of Sulphur with four primary focus areas.  Each focus area has its own Vision with specific tasks identified to work toward the ultimate Vision.
A diverse group of citizens from all five districts in the City participated in this process.  In addition to the team members listed, hundreds of citizens provided input through e-surveys and meetings.
A safe, healthy, environmentally responsible, progressive city that promotes the ideals of faith, family, and community through long-range planning and citizen input.
Priority Areas:  Government, Services and Security, Planning for Growth and Development, Quality of Life
Veronica Allison
Charlie Atherton
Robin Baudoin
John Bell
Eta Bergeron
Melvern Bergeron
Tom Boggan
Alberta Breaux
Pearlise Breaux
James Ed Broussard
Randy Broussard
Beverly Castleberry
Marc Daigle
Mike Danahay
Troy Darby
Chris Duncan
Ginger Eddy
Larry Eddy
Dru Ellender
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C.J. Vincent
Walter Watts
GOVERNMENT - A knowledgeable, effective, efficient and transparent City government that is responsive and accountable to the citizens.
Government Goal #1 - Improve the form of government to be more knowlegeable, responsive, and accountable.
  • City Council to appoint a Charter Review Panel with a focus of reviewing all aspects of City government structure and making recommended charter changes to the council.
  • Implement a nationally recognized Quality Management System (such as Baldridge or ISO) for all City services.
  • Provide proper orientation/education for all new employees, commission, and council members.
Government Goal #2 - Increase communication and transparency
  • Continue to televise City Council Meetings.
  • Maintain copies of meeting minutes and recordings such that they are easily accessible to the public.
  • Stream audio and video of council meetings on the City website.
  • Establish a permanent record retention plan by ordinance.
  • Encourage and support volunteerism.
  • Update the City website to provide more detailed information and on-line applications/services.
  • Improve interdepartmental communication.
Government Goal #3 - Enhance intergovernmental coordination to increase efficiency and decrease duplication.
  • Consider opportunities for additional coordination and grants with the federal, state, and parish governments, SPAR, School Board, etc.
Government Goal #4 - Ensure validity, consistency and understanding of all ordinances.
  • Adhere to all ordinances or repeal as necessary.
  • Review and clarify all ordinances with input from City departments and impacted members of the public.
  • Implement a system for accepting and responding to public input regarding validity, consistency, and enforcement of ordinances.
SERVICES AND SECURITY - A city using a tactical vision towards continually improving city services, infrastructure, and citizen safety and security in an impartial and timely manner.
Services and Security Goal #1 - Develop and implement a drainage plan based on expert hydrology studies.
  • Develop a drainage plan for the future that investigates possibilities such as retention ponds, dredging, covering ditches, etc.
  • Support a subject matter expert in the city for drainage.  Consider a Joint Services Agreement with Calcasieu Parish to coordinate a master drainage plan.
  • Create and implement an aggressive preventive maintenance program for maintenance of ditches, bridges, culverts, etc, and respond efficiently to complaints.
  • Better communicate and enforce the codes and regulations regarding drainage for new developments.
Services and Security Goal #2 - Provide consistent enforcement of codes by properly trained employees.
  • Organize land use, permitting, and inspections into one department, or enhance coordination.
  • Clearly communicate all codes and guidelines, both with the public and internally.  Maintain public records of interpretations for future reference.
  • Enhance coordination between parish and the city regarding land use, permitting, inspections, etc.
Services and Security Goal #3 - Maintain and repair City infrastructure using a well-defined preventative and predictive maintenance plan.
  • Create an aggressive maintenance program on water/sewer lines, and consider installing mass flow water meters on the main lines to determine areas of leaks, inflow, infiltration, and contamination.
  • Pursue the issue of Carlyss water within City limits and address with the state legislature if necessary.
Services and Security Goal #4 - Enhance safety.
  • Maintain the number of trained officers to budgeted number.
  • Increase law enforcement visibility, and promote additional coordination with Sheriff's and Marshal's offices.
  • Invest in fire department and water delivery to maintain a good fire rating.
  • Work toward an emergency railroad overpass.
  • Provide animal control and enforcement on a 24-hour basis.
  • Investigate options for better traffic control and seek grants or budgeted funding as available.
Services and Security Goal #5 - Continue to improve garbage collection services.
PLANNING FOR GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT - A comprehensive plan that encourages and provides for big city amenities with small city atmosphere.
Planning Goal #1 - Develop a comprehensive plan to provide for long term growth including a/an:
  • Annexation plan.
  • Zoning plan coordinated with the Calcasieu Parish plan.
  • Historic overlay districts.
  • Sidewalk and bike path plan.
  • Infrastructure development to include options for "hardening" utility delivery during severe weather.
  • Thoroughfare plans.
  • Downtown development guidelines.
  • City Park development plan coordinated with SPAR.
  • Gateway improvement plan.
  • Programs to enhance fair transit options for citizens.
Planning Goal #2 - Provide fair incentives to sustain existing businesses and purse and develop new businesses.
  • Utilize tax incentives to encourage development while considering the impact on existing businesses.
  • Have a license, permitting, and inspections department with a customer focus to assist business development and growth.
  • Create a forum for receiving and addressing business concerns.
QUALITY OF LIFE - A safe city that offers opportunities to enjoy a wide variety of activities in an aesthetically pleasing setting that embraces our culture.
Quality of Life Goal #1 - Identify and promote Sulphur's cultural identity.
  • Establish an office or position of Cultural/Tourist Director (possibly volunteer or part of existing position).
  • Support the Brimstone Historical Society and other cultural entities.
  • Enhance cultural, historic, and recreational sites with other involved governmental and non-governmental organizations.
Quality of Life Goal #2 - Develop a variety of activities for citizens of all ages.
  • Pursue and develop entertainment options, in addition to athletics (skating, bowling, miniature golf, theatre, etc.)
  • Encourage better interaction with SPAR (park development, studies, signage/promotion, align goals).
  • Pursue economic development opportunities for shopping, restaurants, concerts, etc.
Quality of Life Goal #3 - Beautify the City of Sulphur
  • Address derelict properties throughout the City.
  • Update, educate, and enforce cleanliness.
  • Fully utilize Trash Bash events.
  • Work with comprehensive plan to implement green belts, landscaping plans, etc
Quality of Life Goal #4 - Encourage an environmentally-friendly approach for all City services, activities, and programs.
  • Implement a program to better address various solid waste issues.
  • Develop and follow a plan for Ozone action days.
  • Develop an energy conservation plan for the City, and encourage citizen participation.
  • Offer voluntary recycling options to residents at little to no cost and ensure that the City offices participate.