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July 3rd, 2018






Sulphur Fire Chief Dan Selph has announced that the City recently received information from the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) concerning the fire insurance classification for Sulphur. The report states that the City of Sulphur will maintain their current Public Fire Protection Classification of Class 2 for residential and commercial properties.


The City has worked diligently to maintain a Class 2 rating. Cities are rated from 1 – 10, with 1 being the most desirable score. Ratings consist of an evaluation that is 50% fire department, 40% water (including water pressure, water main size, infrastructure and pumping capacity), and 10% communications. The City currently contracts with E-911 for all communications.


Items of significance which resulted in maintaining the current Class 2 rating include:

  1. Additional personnel
  2. Increased training hours
  3. Pre-fire planning of over 1,050 commercial properties
  4. Hose testing
  5. Testing and inspection twice yearly of over 975 fire hydrants
  6. Testing and maintenance of all apparatus and ladders yearly
  7. Fire hydrant replacement and rehabilitation program
  8. Updated water systems to improve flow capacityThe next regularly scheduled rating for the City of Sulphur will take place in five years, but could take place sooner if the department is drawn for a random inspection.##

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